Woman receives $120,000 after leaking bottled water spills on supermarket floor causing slip & fall

PUBLISHED 10 Jul 2018

Just before Christmas 2015 our client went into her local supermarket in Sydney. Next to the refrigerated section was a stack of bottled water, which had leaked onto the floor. As she walked passed the refrigerated section, she slipped and fell heavily. The supermarket had no system to clean floors efficiently. No warning signs had been put in place.

As a result of her fall, our client retained us under our “No Win No Fee” Personal Injury Compensation Cost Agreement and we took care of all costs associated with the preparation of our client’s claim.

The first thing we did was spend a long time with our client so that we could obtain full details of the accident and the injuries she had suffered and how that had affected her life.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers we deal with a lot of cases that involve similar sets of circumstances.  As we often do we carried out our own independent forensic investigations as well as requesting medical records from our client’s general practitioner and hospital specialist she attended following the fall.

The quality and details of the instructions we received placed a key role in this matter as we were able to address both the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s claim at a very stage.

Our client’s injuries meant a great loss of enjoyment of everyday life for our client. She had previously undergone a hip replacement but was up until this time leading an unrestricted life style.  Because of her injuries she was unable to undertake her normal household tasks and unable to play with her grandchildren when they visited. Our client also needed further treatment to prevent her condition from getting worse particularly as she was only in her late 50s and also looked forward to an active life following employment and sharing time with her family.

A claim like this is not large considering that our client was not employed and did not have any loss of income but Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers believed our client was entitled to compensation.

As a result of our expert negotiation abilities and the way we conducted the necessary action through the Court which all abilities Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers has developed over many years we were able to settle her claim for $120,000.00.

Our client will always have difficulties playing with her grandchildren but the compensation she received will mean that she has received recognition for the way her life has changed and proper compensation for her serious injuries.


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