Woman from Northern Beaches receives $60,000 after slipping near cash register at a supermarket

PUBLISHED 07 Sep 2017

A Northern Beaches woman has receive a payout of $60,000.00 after slipping near the cash register of a supermarket. Whilst walking through the cashier area to get into the store, our client has slipped on a substance that appeared to be water, causing her to fall heavily and injure her left ankle and foot.

At the time of the accident, our client was retired and accordingly did not bring a claim for economic loss. She had received treatment for her injury but was unable to fully recover from the injury, and therefore carried with her a permanent impairment of the ankle.

The ankle had a bearing on our client’s ability to perform some of those domestic duties around the home as she was otherwise able to and there were suggestions from her treating doctors that in time she would need an operation on the ankle.

This woman attended upon the expert public liability lawyers of Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation. During this consultation, our compensation lawyer discussed the claim generally with the client, on a no obligation basis. After taking a detailed history of the claim, the no win no fee structure was discussed and our client was happy for our firm to commence acting on her behalf.

As this ladies injuries had stabilised at the time of initial conference, our compensation lawyer wasted no time in organising for her to be assessed for her injuries from an Independent Medical Examiner. These doctors comment on things such as her ongoing level of need for domestic care and assistance, the permanency of the injury and the effect on employability should it be a factor.

At the same time, the expert public liability lawyer also served the Defendant with a Letter of Demand, requesting information to assist with investigations as to liability. Such requests include CCTV footage, incident reports and witness statements.

After having all the evidence at hand, documents were prepared by our accredited personal injury specialist to be filed in the District Court of NSW. Shortly after the documents were filed, our slip and fall claims specialist contacted the Defendant to see if there was an opportunity to have an Informal Settlement Conference, noting that our evidence was complete. Within a short period of time of commencing pleadings, an Informal Settlement Conference was arranged.

At the time of the Settlement Conference, our client was unavailable to be present in the office, but was available via telephone. Throughout the negotiations, this client was kept abreast of how everything was proceeding, and instructions were taken prior to any offers being put forward. Ultimately, this particular client was happy to accept a settlement figure of $60,000.00.

Most pleasing to this client was Gerard Malouf and Partners willingness to enter negotiations early, so as to limit the cost of professional fees incurred.

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