Wife of catastrophically injured man receives $480,000 settlement in nervous shock claim

PUBLISHED 31 May 2016

Our client was the wife of a man who was catastrophically injured in a car crash in rural NSW. Our client’s husband was a passenger in a car whose driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed. He suffered severe injuries to multiple body parts and suffered brain damage. We represented the injured man and obtained a large settlement for him reflecting the high level of injury he sustained and the level of care required for the rest of his life.

We opened a file for his wife to claim compensation for the psychological injuries she sustained as a result of nervous shock upon learning of the accident. She suffered anxiety and depression among a range of other symptoms.

The accident left her husband unable to move or communicate except through blinking. As a result our client had to cease working and essentially become a 24 hour carer for her husband. This had a profound effect on her mental wellbeing and completely changed her life.

We sent our client to an expert psychiatrist to obtain a report on the psychological damage she had suffered. Our expert provided a very supportive report detailing her mental health issues and symptoms. Based on this report we were able to enter into settlement negotiations with the insurer in a strong position.

We briefed an expert Barrister who assisted us at the informal settlement conference. On that day we were not able to come to an agreement with the insurer but subsequently were able to negotiate a settlement of $480,000 for our client. While no amount of money could bring back her husband, our client was able to put some of the settlement towards the necessary modifications to her house to make life a little easier for her and her husband.

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