Why GMP is Different – A memo to staff & clients from Gerard Malouf

PUBLISHED 21 Mar 2018

Often, we don’t reflect on how far we’ve all come as individuals and as a team at GMP (Gerard Malouf and Partners). I’m not falsely inflating the self-worth of individuals at GMP, but I think staff should revel in the fact that as individuals and as a team we have and will continue to provide exceptional service and results for our clients.

A few points to consider:

·         Did you know that we have many leading legal personal injury departments Australia wide? As an example, we dominate the court lists for public liability, motor vehicle accidents and particularly medical negligence. The medical negligence department is probably one of the largest in Australia excluding mass class actions but rather individual medical negligence cases whereby we are currently running about 1000 cases and growing.

·          We have a culture whereby every staff member joining the firm is placed under intense pressure to perform their role to attain greatness and work to the very best of their abilities- basically as a “business within a business” for the benefit of our clients. This is a critical difference between our firm and others in the diverse legal diaspora.

·         We have been very successful running more than 20,000 cases under the same ownership and continue to grow and flourish notwithstanding numerous tough changes to the law and immense competition. We have a proud record of success for our ever-growing client base winning more than $140+ million per annum and growing.  I estimate we have won well more than $1.5 billion in compensation over the years.

·         The firms continued organic growth is exceptional for a legal firm on the eastern seaboard of Australia. We don’t need to float on the stock market or purchase other legal practices to achieve growth. In fact, excluding publicly listed law firms, we are one of the largest personal injury firms on the eastern seaboard Australia. We have assisted close to 20,000+ people achieve a successful result and maximum justice.

·          Yes, there are good reasons for the success. We have a great management team committed to ensuring every single aspect of the business is thoroughly investigated and improved continuously. As importantly, each member of GMP is hand-picked to be employed at the firm and each person is valued to the same degree that we value our clients. This business couldn’t succeed unless each member of our team was striving for greatness. Mediocrity at this firm has no place and it is most pleasing to see the way individuals from receptionists, accounts, secretaries, juniors through to senior lawyers and management want to commit 100% to the tasks at hand. After all, ours is a people’s business and every person in the GMP chain is critical to our client’s success and longevity and success of the business. All our staff should be rightly proud.

·          Yes, we do have the occasional problems, but we are genuinely committed to resolving any inadequacies as we learn from our mistakes. Frankly we are the only firm in Australia that undertakes in writing to reduce fees if there is a genuine and legitimate concern at the end of a legal matter. No other legal firm is prepared to make such a commitment.

·          I believe our firm can lift staff productivity to achieve much more than they themselves consider possible because of our specialized and admittedly regimented and perhaps exhaustive systems.  We agree that this puts people under a lot of pressure, but we are looking at ways to reduce the “red tape management” to make everyone’s lives easier. However, those that can tolerate this situation excel at GMP. Yes, we are very different to many other legal firms and perhaps unconventional, however the recipe for running this business, its marketing and hard-won reputation suggest that we are heading in the right direction for the benefit of our clients.

The guiding principles that have brought our firm and our clients success can be summed up as follows:

  • Love, respect, professionalism and compassion directed towards every client.
  • Being highly specialized team members,
  • Aggressively pursuing exceptional results for our clients,
  • Thinking outside the box to achieve maximum damages for each client,
  • A willingness not to be complacent and satisfied with an average result for our clients.

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