When can I pursue a superannuation dispute?

PUBLISHED 01 Jan 2020

Suffering from an injury or illness that prevents you from working can be a traumatic experience. Those negative effects are amplified when you experience loss of income and need to file a claim to receive compensation from your Superannuation Fund provider or insurance company. The process can be complex and convoluted, leading to confusion and more mental stress. Here are a few things to know and how you can get started working within the superannuation dispute process.

When can I pursue a superannuation dispute?

You may be able to collect a lump sum payment of compensation if you have become totally and/or permanently disabled (TPD). Under your superannuation policy, you may also be eligible to collect funds if you have become incapacitated, become ill or have been injured. You may be able to collect benefits from any of the following:

  • Your superannuation policy
  • A life insurance policy
  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Loan protection insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Sickness or accident insurance
  • Employment disability insurance
  • Trauma insurance

You will be able to file a claim if you have been unable to continue your usual job due to an accident or illness for six consecutive months. You will also need to show medical evidence that you will remain unable to work in your profession ever again, bringing to a halt your ability to work.

How can I file a claim?

Most superannuation claim cases are complex and require expert knowledge to help you obtain the funds you need from your superannuation and insurance policy. If you have become disabled and have lost the ability to work, it’s important to file a claim as quickly as possible, as some Superannuation Fund providers set rigid time limits on making such a claim.

Enlist the help of lawyers who specialise in these kinds of cases. The right professional will guide you through the complexities of filing a claim and help you move forward even after becoming disabled.

Have you or a loved one become disabled, suffered an injury or become ill and are no longer able to work? You may be eligible for a lump sum payment from your Superannuation Fund provider to help offset loss of income and future ability to work.

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