What should I do immediately after a car crash?

PUBLISHED 24 Aug 2015

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident will know it’s often a frightening and stressful experience, particularly if you suffer injuries as a result of the crash.

NSW Police last year announced that officers would not attend the site of minor crashes or incidents where a car required towing. As such, you should know exactly what to do in the aftermath of a collision.

Firstly, if you suspect the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you should call the police. You should also contact the authorities when the other driver refuses to provide their information.

Similarly, it’s advisable to ask officers to attend the scene if you suspect you have an injury, regardless of how small the problem appears at first. Even whiplash can require extensive time off work and you may be eligible for car accident injury compensation.

There is also a chance you could be seriously hurt and not realise it. Some back and neck injuries could eventually result in total and permanent disabilities. If this turns out to be the case, it’s important to have made a statement to the police regarding the accident should you want to make a claim for compensation at a later date.

Gather evidence for injury compensation claim

Calling your insurer is often advised following a crash, as well as taking the details of the other driver. This should include their name, address and contact information. The car’s model, make and registration number are also important.

Note down the time and date of the crash and take a few photos of the scene that could prove useful for both your motor insurance claim and if you decide to pursue injury compensation.

You may forget these recommendations in the panic of a crash, so keep a checklist of ‘things to do’ somewhere in your car that you can refer to when an accident occurs.

At some point after the incident, you should also get in touch with an injury compensation lawyer if you’ve suffered any after-effects from the event. Payouts are available across a range of situations, including hit-and-runs, crashes that are partly your fault and relatively minor ailments such as whiplash.

The money received from a claim can be useful for paying medical bills and covering any lost wages or superannuation you’ve experienced due to the accident.

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