What is a no-win, no-fee lawyer?

PUBLISHED 24 Jul 2015

You could be eligible for compensation in a range of circumstances where you have suffered injuries due to an accident or negligence. Whether it’s a surgery gone wrong, a car crash or a fall in a public place, you could be entitled to a payout.

Should you find yourself in this position, a no-win, no-fee lawyer can help you pursue your case without the financial risk that would usually be associated with a lawsuit.

Opting for a no-win, no-fee legal team means you will only be charged for their services if you succeed in your claim. This takes away a considerable amount of pressure, allowing you to proceed with a case without worrying about how to cover the costs if you lose.

What are the benefits?

Aside from the obvious advantage of delaying payment until you win, you will also benefit from your lawyer covering the majority of your upfront expenses.

This may include expert witness reports, court filing fees, barristers’ advice and more. In other words, with a no-win, no-fee lawyer it’s not just their time you’ll receive without charge, but any additional costs that are accrued while pursuing the claim.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that a no-win, no-fee firm will take on your case if it has a low chance of success. You can therefore save yourself a lot of time and effort by avoiding chasing a lost cause.

If you’re considering a claim, you can receive a free consultation to discuss your options. You are under no obligation to proceed, so if you decide to withdraw after talking with a lawyer, you are free to do so.

How do your fees work?

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we provide all the services mentioned above. Australian law prevents no-win, no-fee firms from taking a percentage of your settlement when you succeed.

Instead, we charge for our time spent on the case, which is billed by the hour. While it’s difficult to gauge exactly how much you will receive in compensation, we will try our best to give you an accurate estimate so that you can make an informed choice of whether to proceed.

We have dealt with thousands of matters in our time, and we’ve only received complaints regarding our fees in less than 0.1 per cent of cases. In fact, we’ll even reduce our costs for unhappy clients if they have a reasonable basis for their complaint.

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