What home care costs can I receive from a public liability claim?

PUBLISHED 20 Dec 2018

Compensation received from public liability claims in Queensland can cover more than just medical costs. Household costs are also put into consideration by courts, as are personal care needs.

While injured parties are recovering, there are many things they'll no longer be able to do, like gardening or driving a car, so these considerations are very important.

So what home care costs can be awarded to you in public liability claims? What follows are examples of each type of care costs but of course, do not fully encapsulate every possible task that can be covered.

Household tasks

Everyday household chores can be covered under public liability claims. Examples in this category vary but can include:

  • Cleaning chores, such as mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom and handling the rubbish.
  • Bedroom tasks, such as turning the mattress, changing the sheets, laundry and ironing.
  • Kitchen jobs, such as grocery shopping, cooking and doing the dishes.
  • Outdoor tasks, like cleaning gutters or eves, washing walls and windows and general home repairs and maintenance.
  • Yard work, like mowing the lawn, gardening, trimming bushes and weeding.

Personal care tasks

In addition to assistance taking care of your home, you can also receive compensation to help you with everyday personal care.

Examples include:

  • Helping you get around the house or out of bed.
  • Helping you bathe or use the toilet.
  • Dressing and changing assistance.
  • Bandage and wound cleaning.
  • Transporting you to doctor appointments.
  • Medication administration.
  • Physical care tasks such as hair care, shaving or nail cutting.
  • Personal errands.

Assistance is also available for vehicle maintenance tasks, such as cleaning or repairs.

Slip and fall incidents happen all the time, whether the injured party fell in a supermarket, public place or private property. When these incidents happen to you or a loved one, you want to make sure that everything you need for a speedy recovery is covered by the compensation you receive. This, of course, includes the home care and personal care tasks that you won't be able to take on while you're getting better.

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