What are examples of public liability issues during Schoolies week on the Gold Coast?

PUBLISHED 13 Dec 2019

Organisations offering big schoolies week packages like to advertise that all venues involved have thorough public liability insurance coverage behind them. But that’s really only a small part of the whole equation: As every local already knows – perhaps even from this year’s events, which are just now wrapping up – schoolies extends far past individual bars and venues, and has a larger overall effect on whatever city it has descended upon.

And this temporary population increase brings with it a number of concerns that average citizens don’t normally have to think about, many of them directly related to the sorts of incidents which might lead to a public liability compensation claim later on. What are some of the public liability concerns specific to schoolies week?

Increased traffic, both on foot and on the roads

The most obvious increased public liability risk of schoolies week is traffic accidents, whether involving automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, or any other form of transportation. With foot traffic at some of the highest it’ll reach all year – and crowds in an extremely “jovial” atmosphere – there’s almost no arguing that there’s a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Even indoors, everywhere at maximum capacity

For both public venues and private lodging spaces alike, schoolies week leads to a mass of bookings. For this reason, it’s of the highest importance to make sure all your structures and spaces are “up to code”, and that capacity guidelines are followed to the strictest extent. If not, then any accidents or injuries are sure to lead to public liability claims against the host, regardless of how irresponsible the behaviour leading to the accident might have been. Which leads us to the next point.

“Who’s at fault?” may get blurry – along with everything else

We take it as a given that schoolies week brings a lot of drinking along with it. That means a higher risk of accident and injury, even for those who are both sober and following the letter of the law. That’s yet another reason to keep a great deal of caution both leading up to and during the events themselves – while all the drinking may bring with it a higher risk of accidents, that doesn’t necessarily mean the drinking party would ultimately be found responsible in a public liability claim.

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