Western Sydney woman receives $30,000 settlement after falling in carpark

PUBLISHED 30 Nov 2017

Our client was a 60 year old woman who injured herself when she tripped and fell in the carpark of a shopping centre in Western Sydney. Our client was walking to her car when she stepped into a depression in the asphalt and fell to the ground.

As a result of the fall our client suffered a severe injury to her knees, neck and upper back. Her injuries caused her to experience constant pain and restriction of movement which severely impacted on her ability to engage in her normal everyday activities. She had difficulty with recreational activities, domestic chores and work. Our client also suffered psychological injury due to her other injuries.

We were confident that our client had a strong public liability case and commenced proceedings in the District Court of NSW. We obtained a report from an expert Orthopaedic Surgeon which detailed the extent of the injuries to our client. With this we were able to quantify the pain and suffering she had gone through and the future treatment needs she had. We were also able to claim all of the out-of-pocket expenses he had incurred for past treatment.

Knowing that our client had already suffered with her injuries for a significant period of time we approached the Defendant’s solicitors to enter settlement negotiations and avoid the time and expense associated with having the matter proceed to hearing.

We engaged in an informal settlement conference where the parties were able to reach a compromise and settle the matter for $30,000. This was a great result for our client and we were glad to resolve the matter without our client having to go through the added stress of giving evidence in court.

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