Western Sydney Woman Received $270,000.00 in Compensation Following Botched Left Breast Surgery

PUBLISHED 06 Apr 2020

This lady identified a lump on her left breast in November 2017, which after a biopsy was revealed to be a ductal cancer present the upper outer quadrant of the left breast. She was referred to a specialist surgeon who recommended excision of the cancer with immediate reconstruction of the left breast using a breast implant.

In December 2017, a left nipple and skin-sparing mastectomy with a sentinel node biopsy and breast augmentation was performed by the surgeon, with a 600mL round smooth gel implant being placed in the sub-pectoral pocket of the Plaintiff’s left breast.

Following surgery, our client developed a bleed in her left breast and she returned to the operating theatre for evacuation of the haematoma, but the implant was not removed. Drains were placed in her left breast pocket.

As a result of this decision, it was alleged that this lady developed gangrene of the left nipple-areolar complex and in January 2018, had to have the left breast implant removed and the necrotic nipple-areolar complex surgically excised.

This lady was seriously injured as a result of this negligence and sought assistance from Gerard Malouf & Partners.

Her matter was managed by Mr Keegan Behrens, an Associate at the firm and a very experienced medical negligence expert solicitor. Keegan and his team worked diligently on this matter, gathering evidence from a plastic/cosmetic surgeon, an occupational therapist and a psychiatrist who all commented on the terrible injuries our client had suffered and supported her claim. We were also assisted by an expert barrister who helped us navigate the minefield that can sometimes be litigation.

The matter proceeded to mediation and ultimately settled for $270,000.00. This compensation will be used to assist our client in recovering as much as possible from both her physical and psychological injuries occasioned by the incident. Our client was pleased with the result and was also pleased to be able to put this terrible incident behind her and try and move on with her life.

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