Western Sydney man awarded $135,000 after suffering injury while working as contractor at a privately owned premises

PUBLISHED 07 Jun 2017

We acted for a self-employed home maintenance contractor who sustained injuries in an accident while at work. He suffered injury to his right shoulder and arm, as well as psychological injury. He was in the process of putting up gyprock sheets in the bathroom of the property owned by the Defendants, when the ladder he was standing on fell through the floor.  He instructed us that the floor had been patched previously where the old waste pipes had been removed and relocated in the bathroom.

As a result of the injuries he sustained in this accident, our client had to undergo extensive treatment including radiological investigations, multiple right shoulder operations, many cortisone injections, ongoing physiotherapy and consultations with orthopaedic specialists. As a result of these injuries and his ongoing disabilities, he was forced to take time off work and required assistance doing everyday domestic tasks around the house while he recovered and tried to tolerate the pain of his injuries.

In addition to his physical limitations, he developed psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety as a result of the stress that the implications of this accident caused him. Our client contacted us to enquire about whether his claim had any merit and if it was possible to make a claim against the owners of the property where the accident occurred.

Julie Baqleh, Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, was of the view that there was merit in the claim and took carriage of the matter. She briefed an expert barrister who specialises in these types of occuiper liability claims and arranged for our client to be medically assessed in order to obtain evidence that demonstrated the extent of his injuries. He was assessed in relation to both his physical and psychological injuries.

After obtaining all required evidence, Ms Baqleh contacted the Defendants and proposed that the parties participate in an Informal Settlement Conference in order to attempt to resolve the matter without incurring the high costs of further litigation.

A settlement conference took place and Ms Baqleh was successful in negotiating a favourable outcome for our client, who was awarded $135,000 in compensation for his injuries. He advised that he was very pleased with this outcome and thanked our expert public liability team for our ongoing commitment to ensuring the best outcome possible for him.

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