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West Sydney cyclist struck by car recovers surgical costs

Gerard Malouf and Partners have recently settled a claim for a 46 year old manager who was involved in a bicycle accident in Five Dock, Sydney.

On January 2014 our Client was riding his bike down Queens Road when a station wagon travelling in the opposite direction veered, without warning onto the incorrect side of the road and hit our Client.

Our Client was thrown off his bike over the car and landed heavily on to the foot path. Our Client landed on his knee and arms, he had laceration on various parts of his body and pain in his lower back, hip neck and shoulders.

An ambulance arrived at the scene but our Client was not taken to hospital. After the accident our Client noticed pain discomfort and at times restriction in my neck, lower back and shoulders.

Luckily for our Client he was able to return to work in a timely manner and being in a managerial role this meant that the Client did not take too many days off work

Our Client was in good hands having Vrege Kolokossian, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, looking after his claim. Our Client had attended upon his general practitioner, orthopaedic surgeon and a chiropractor.  Most importantly our Client was advised that he would need surgery on his knees.

The matter was submitted to the Motor Accident Authority to assess the whole person impairment. The assessment didn’t exceed the threshold but it was supportive of the fact that the injuries did leave a degree of impairment to our Client.

This matter settled after a determination was made by the Motor Accident Authority on whole person impairment.

 At Gerard Malouf and Partners we pride ourselves on the on our ability to negotiate matters and find a resolution for you without wasting the time and costs of the court process.

Vrege was able to secure $85,000.00, covering the costs of our Clients future surgical needs, providing money toward future domestic care around the home and covering future medical treatments.

If you are a person who has suffered serious injuries in a pushbike accident, you may be entitled to receive a substantial award for compensation. If your injuries are as a result of the negligence of the insured driver and have adversely affected your ability to lead a normal life.

For a free no obligation consultation, please contact our toll free number, 1800 004 878 so that an appointment can be arranged for you to attend to protect your legal rights arising from any injuries that have been suffered from your bicycle accident.

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