Victims of institutional sexual abuse with a potential legal claim – URGENT ADVICE

PUBLISHED 20 Dec 2017

Please be aware of imminent changes to Common Law regarding sexual abuse cases not yet commenced in Court following the conclusion of the Royal Commission into institutionalised sexual abuse.

We summarise the important aspects of the proposed changes to the law as follows:-

  • The State and Federal Governments are planning to introduce in the near future a statutory Government run scheme that awards a set amount of money for individuals who have sustained sexual abuse.
  • We understand that the maximum payout would be no more than $200,000.00 BUT MUCH LESS in most cases of abuse which is very inadequate compared to the opportunities available to claimants under the existing Common Law where they can claim for pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, home care needs and ongoing medical treatment. Potentially the combined amounts payable under the existing law soon to be removed could be two or three times the amount a person might receive under the proposed Government scheme.
  • We understand a claimant will have limited rights to legal representation under the new Government scheme making it more of a bureaucratic system.
  • Essentially your rights are being eroded and compromised.

Gerard Malouf and Partners, compensation medical negligence and will dispute lawyers are absolutely committed to protecting your interests as a matter of urgency. If you personally or any friends, family or acquaintances may potentially have a sexual assault/abuse claim but have not yet obtained legal representation, do not hesitate to contact our Mr Gerard Malouf or Ms Julie Baqleh to assist you to prosecute your case or simply to receive some general advice.

We urge you to urgently proceed to lodge your case in the Supreme/District Court to protect your rights.

Our firm is one of the leading highly specialised personal injury law firms covering all forms of accident/injury compensation particularly, institutionalized sexual abuse cases and we would be more than happy to act with professionalism, compassion and urgency to help you or any people you might wish to refer with a similar problem.

Our pledge to you:-

  • We will deliver maximum compensation in the minimum time;
  • We offer you a unique 90 day complimentary trial of our services, if necessary, to prove we can add exceptional value to your claim at minimum cost;
  • We provide a fully comprehensive no-win/no-fee policy for all expenses including medical reports, expert investigations and court fees unlike almost most other law firms;
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  • Winning well in excess of $1.5 billion+ compensation for our successful clients Australia wide;
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  • Always insisting that we will maintain communication with our clients keeping them fully informed;
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