Twelve Year Old Boy successfully sues After School Care Centre

PUBLISHED 04 Apr 2014

We received instructions from Mr P to act on behalf of his twelve (12) year old son, who was injured when he fell off a scooter at an after hours school care centre. The Plaintiff had taken his scooter to an after hours school care centre without taking his safety gear. The centre had a policy that the students could not ride without their safety gear. During the course of the day, the Plaintiff rode his scooter unsupervised and fell, sustaining a severe injury, including a dislocation of his patella. As a result of the accident, he was transported by Ambulance to hospital where he was operated on and discharged in a brace.


The Plaintiff instructed Gerard Malouf & Partners to act on his behalf and proceedings were commenced in the District Court against the after hours school centre. The Plaintiff was assessed by various doctors and an Engineer was arranged to prepare a Liability Report in the matter. The matter was subsequently listed for Hearing the District Court however, the parties managed to agree on a settlement prior to the matter being determined by a Judge.

The important thing to consider here is that if you have children who are attending day care centres or after school care centres who are injured in similar circumstances there may be legal rights that parents can pursue on behalf of their children in order to recover compensation in cases where a serious injury has been suffered.


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