TPD Claim in Super Fund – Understanding the Process

PUBLISHED 13 Aug 2013

If you are planning to file a TPD claim in Super fund, it is important to hire an insurance lawyer who can provide proper guidance related to total permanent disability claims. The person can offer advice on the legalities and also, what could be the best way to ensure there is no delayed payment.

For the purpose, the policyholder must ensure the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • Understand the fund insurance agreement
  • Understand the permanent incapacity definition as provided in super law
  • Understand the “disability super benefit” definition as provided in the country’s tax law. The policy holder is liable to receive an additional tax-free portion on lump sum
  • Satisfy the Super Fund trustee that all the terms and conditions are met out well

The policy holder can contact an expert lawyer of total permanent disability claims and provide documents specified in the guidelines of Super Fund. These documents should include evidence of identification in the form of birth certificate, driver’s license or passport, and also, medical reports with other kinds of evidence to support claim.

The claimant can file the documents along with authenticated claim statement with Case Manager. Apart from assessing the policyholder’s eligibility to receive TPD benefit, the Case Manager can get in touch with claimant’s employer to receive a written statement as to why they stopped working. It is likely that costs are involved while filing a TPD claim in Super, for instance, expenses incurred for obtaining Medical Attendant’s statement. Once the file is submitted, the insurance company steps in to review the documents. It could ask for medical reports, medical examination with independent expert or seek more information from the claimant or claimant’s employer. The expenses involved are usually borne by the insurer. The insurer may defer the claim in order to determine the exact reason of disability and whether it’s permanent or not. They can decline the claim when the case filed for total and permanent disability claims is not according to the definition of the insurance contract.

There is no time limit specified for receiving payment benefits under the TPD claim in Super Fund. However, there is a time limit placed on the submission of an appeal in case of refusal of TPD claim. As provided in the Australia law, the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal can review a complaint within two years of receiving the trustee’s decision.

It is imperative to get in touch with the right expert, an efficient lawyer to file the case for total permanent disability claims. The process to procure TPD claim in Super Fund could be lengthy, taking a lot of time. By hiring the services of a team of lawyers or expert lawyer, the possibility to obtain the benefits increases. At the end of the day, the claimant can expect to receive the solution at the earliest.

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