Towards Healing – Sexual Abuse & the Catholic Church

PUBLISHED 28 Jul 2008

World Youth Day celebrations this month brought out the best in human behaviour lead by the world’s youth who celebrated life and the future through a series of events and celebrations throughout Sydney. 

But for some the increased exposure of the Catholic Church in the nations press only reminded them of the pain of past experiences as a number of high profile groups and individuals used the weeklong event to highlight their struggle for justice and compensation from the Catholic Church. 

The Lawyers at Gerard Malouf & Partners have had great success in bringing successful claims for sexual abuse compensation for youths, children and/or adolescents that have been abused in the Catholic hierarchy. 

Since world youth day celebrations ended the firm has seen an increase in the number of enquiries from people who may have been subject to sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and/or school system. 

Gerard Malouf & Partners handles such matters in a diplomatic, sympathetic and discreet manner for claimants and the claimant is not necessarily forced to litigate such a claim against the Catholic Church as the Church provides a number of reasonable and satisfactory alternatives to Court litigation. Such alternatives involve meeting with heads of Catholic Departments including Bishops, Priests and Nuns and Brothers who are head of various Catholic Religious orders to discuss the matter, in an informal and sympathetic manner. Discussions can then be undertaken concerning a number of other issues including monetary compensation, general conciliation, Counselling and other important needs and requirements of our clients as they arise. In this way the heavy costs and time delays associated with Court hearings can be avoided. Alternatively it may be appropriate to resort to significant court proceedings but this is a matter for discussion if and when the issues arise. 

Gerard Malouf and his specialist Lawyers including Vrege Kolokossian and Dijana Talevska can assist claimants and guide them through the often complex and emotionally charged proceedings with a minimum of pressure. Presently the firm is embarking upon an informal protocol with the Catholic Church for numerous sexually abused people when they were adolescents in a program known as “Towards Healing”. 

Gerard Malouf encourages those people who may have been subject to sexual abuse within the Catholic Church system to contact the firm to learn more about this program. 

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