Top up workplace injury claim successful for client from Ryde

PUBLISHED 05 Jun 2015

A client of ours from Ryde was awarded over $100,000.00 after suffering injuries to their hand in their workplace. Our client was working as a maintenance worker when the injury occurred. They were standing on a ladder and whilst changing a lightbulb, they fell from the ladder, a height of two metres, landing heavily on the floor. The worker landed on their left hand, causing a large amount of damage to their wrist, which resulted in an operation being performed.

Our client has not worked since the accident. They lost their employment as a result of not being able to perform their duties and they were receiving compensation payments for a period of approximately one and a half years after the accident occurred. The worker sought out the experienced solicitors of Gerard Malouf and Partners to help fight their workers compensation claim.

Initially, after being medically assessed, our client was given a whole person impairment of 14%. This meant that they were unable to make a claim for work injury damages. The threshold for determining whether or not a claim can be made for work injury damages is a whole person impairment of 15% or greater.

As such an agreed figure of $5,000.00 was settled upon, covering our client’s out of pocket expenses.

Gerard Malouf and Partners maintained contact with the client after this initial result. The worker had not had any significant recovery, and the solicitors at Gerard Malouf determined that it would be best to have him medically assessed a second time. The reason behind this view was that the deterioration of his injuries may result in a top of his whole person impairment. This was organised, and the doctor assessing our client agreed with our solicitors, and their whole person impairment was topped up by 1%, to a total of 15%. Our client was now at the required threshold. This meant that our client could now make a claim for work injury damages, which is an economic loss claim.

The solicitors at Gerard Malouf began the common law preparations in a timely manner, as our client had been unable to work for a number of years, and a result was obtained which awarded our client with over $100,000.00 in work injury damages.

At Gerard Malouf and partners, our solicitors continue to fight for your case even when it seems the case may be over. If you or anybody you know has suffered an injury at work, please do not hesitate the highly qualified workers compensation solicitors at our firm.

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