The Benefits of lodging an Accident Notification Form (ANF)

PUBLISHED 28 May 2013
What is an ANF?

An Accident Notification Form is a six page document that once completed is sent to the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault. The information required to complete this form include your personal details, including contact details, details of the vehicle at fault, details of the accident, and employment details.

You will also need to have your treating doctor complete the Medical Certificate which forms part of the ANF.

A copy of the ANF can be obtained from the Motor Accidents Authority website at 

Why should you lodge an ANF?

Once you lodge an ANF you may be immediately entitled to claim up to $5,000 worth of medical treatment expenses and lost earnings. This is regardless of who was at fault. This means even if you were the driver deemed to be responsible for causing the accident you can still claim these benefits.

When should I lodge an ANF?

An ANF needs to be lodged with the insurer within 28 days following the accident.

What next?

Once you have lodged your ANF if your reasonable treatment expenses and lost earnings are likely to exceed the $5,000 limit you should consider lodging a Personal Injury Claim Form. This needs to be lodged with the insurer within six months of the accident. To find out more about lodging a Personal Injury Claim Form and claiming further benefits for the injuries you have sustained contact our office on 1800 004 878.

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