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In September 2016, during a PDHPE lesson our client was playing a supervised sports game in the school hall when the ball was kicked and hit a metal bracket on a wall. The impact of the ball caused the bracket to dislodge and fall hitting our client in the face. As a result, our client suffered a broken jaw and damaged teeth for which she required surgery.

The client’s mother contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners, seeking compensation. Her matter was referred to Richele Nelsen who worked tirelessly to achieve the best result possible for our client.

A claim was made against the school seeking compensation on behalf of the injured student. Richele wasted no time in gathering evidence in support of our client’s claim including medical records and evidence establishing the school’s liability.
Once the evidence had been obtained a settlement conference was organised to hold settlement discussions between the parties. We claimed damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, as well as loss of wages and domestic care. Negotiations took place with the defendant and we were able to negotiate a settlement in favour of our client and without the need of going through a Court Hearing.

As a result of her injuries, our client was concerned that she could not lead a normal life because of the potential need for future surgeries and the costs involved. However, thanks to Richele and her team, we were able to achieve a result which will ensure that our client will be more than able to get back on track.

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