Sydney Woman Secures $200,000 Compensation Following Poor Case Management by Hospital

PUBLISHED 25 May 2018

This matter involves our client getting into an accident on 26 February 2012 when she was at the Windsor River at Pitt Town Wharf when a trailer carrying a Jet Ski hit her leg and lacerated her right calf.

She attended her General Practitioner who referred her to the Defendant Hospital. The hospital notes showed a very deep laceration and the dressing which was on the laceration was not removed at triage. Our client’s wound was cleaned out with normal saline, explored and sutured in the emergency department.

Our client was then discharged but the next day she returned to the Defendant hospital suffering from severe pain and swelling and was concerned that her wound had become infected. It was established that she had erythema/cellulitis around her wound and swabs were taken. She was admitted to hospital under the care of the orthopaedic surgeon of the hospital.

On the evening the same night, the orthopaedic surgeon requested that our client be kept at fasting until review and for debridement to be performed if necessary. The review occurred that evening and our client was placed on broad spectrum antibiotics. A decision was made to wait for microbiology and pathology before debridement occurred. Two days later, our client became febrile and her infection had worsened. As a result, the procedure was post-poned at 10pm that day, she was then commenced on penicillin and the debridement was eventually done on 1 March 2012.

It is alleged that due to the proximity of the wound to the sural nerve and saphenous vein and the fact that the wound was potentially a dirty wound due to the nature of the impact with the Jet Ski trailer, our client should have been referred to a General Surgeon or an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a view to evacuate the large Haematoma under General Anaesthetic and for the deeper aspects of the wound to have been explored and cleaned out under General Anaesthetic. Our client should have been put on to proper antibiotics on the first day of presentation.

Our client then presented to Gerard Maloud & Partners shortly afterwards where Mr Leslie Abboud and his team sought to bring maximum compensation to our clients and urgently obtain the opinions of several highly regarded experts to comment on the matter. Mr Abboud provided this evidence to the Defendant Solicitors and urgently arranged for Mediation to take place. At Mediation, Mr Abboud and his team, together with an expert Barrister, negotiated with the Defendant at Mediation and settled this matter for the benefit of our client for around $200,000.00. Our client thanked Mr Abboud and his team for the result.

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