Sydney Nurse awarded over $500,000 after suffering a major back injury after slip and fall at local supermarket

PUBLISHED 08 Nov 2017

This matter involved a nurse from Sydney who was involved in a slip and fall accident whilst doing her grocery shopping at a local super market. As she approached the dairy aisle, she slipped on some cream which was spilt on the floor and she unfortunately suffered injury to her lower back.

Our client was urgently transported to hospital via ambulance where x-ray investigations revealed that she had suffered a fracture of the L1 vertebrae. This consequentially led to a significant change in the alignment of her lumbar spine and spinal column. She began to suffer severe chronic pain in her lower back, and attempted to manage her injuries with conservative treatment but ultimately required surgical intervention.

Despite having surgery, our client continued to suffer debilitating symptoms from severe back pain. These symptoms negatively impacted on her independent living skills and ability to fulfil pre-injury domestic and employment duties. In addition to her physical injuries, our client also suffered psychological injury and began to see a counsellor in relation to depression. She was required to regularly take a number of different pain relief medications as well as anti-depressant medication to manage her symptoms.

Unable to work and understandably distraught at her situation, our client contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners and spoke to Julie Baqleh, Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, to make an enquiry as to whether she was eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Proceedings were commenced in the District Court of NSW and Ms Baqleh quickly arranged for our client to be assessed by a spinal surgeon, a psychiatrist and an occupational therapist. Each of these doctors produced reports that were supportive of our client’s claim and outlined the extent of our client’s injuries. We also briefed an experienced personal injury Barrister.

As our client wished to avoid the risk, stress and cost of proceeding to a hearing, Ms Baqleh arranged for the parties to participate in a settlement conference prior to the matter being heard by a Judge. After engaging in extensive negotiations with the Defendant’s solicitors, Ms Baqleh and our Barrister were able to resolve the matter for over half a million dollars in compensation for our client. Our client was extremely pleased with the result and the total resolution of the matter.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall at a supermarket, you may have a claim for compensation in negligence against the owners and/or occupiers of the premises. Please contact Gerard Malouf and Partners for advice on pursuing a public liability claim. Our team of specialised personal injury compensation lawyers will always aim to get the best outcome for any individual who has been negatively impacted by these types of unfortunate circumstances. 

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