Sydney Family Receives $87,500 in Compensation Following Untimely Death of Mother and Grandmother

PUBLISHED 13 Aug 2018

This case concerned an elderly lady who was admitted into the care of the defendant hospital after suffering a stroke which resulted in right side weakness. It was noted upon her arrival that she was unable to mobilise and self-care adequately by reason of her right-sided weakness, and was at a serious risk of falling if unattended. She was prescribed a high level of dependent nursing care.

Unfortunately, this level of care was not provided and the lady fell multiple times while in the care of the defendant. She fell finally in the toilet of the hospital when left unattended, unsupported and unrestrained, resulting in an intraparencymal haemorrhage to the right parietal lobe. This resulted in a catastrophic deterioration in her condition and she was shortly thereafter transferred to a nursing home and then palliative care, eventually passing away as a result.

The aggrieved family contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners seeking an explanation and justice for what had happened to their beloved family member. Their enquiry was taken by Mr Leslie Abboud, a senior expert medical negligence solicitor at the firm with over 30 years’ worth of experience in medical negligence cases. Leslie and his team worked quickly, gathering all the clinical notes related to the proceedings. Leslie and his team researched the matter in depth and prepared a chronology of events which was provided to an expert neurologist. Drawing on his considerable experience, Leslie posed several questions to the neurologist which cut to the heart of the matter.

Each family member, on account of the mental harm they had suffered, was referred to an expert psychiatrist who assessed them all individually and made diagnoses and recommendations based on their reviews of our clients.

Rather than going to trial, the matter was settled at mediation which was competently and professionally handled by Leslie and one of our expert barristers who had been briefed in this matter. The family received a sizeable sum of $87,500 to assist them in the grieving process by covering the cost of future therapy they would require as a result of the harm they had suffered.

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