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Spouse receives compensation after husband struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian

The law exists to facilitate relationships between people on one hand and with society generally on the other usually then the common sense answer to a dispute is the legal answer. This is why there is no substitute for common sense tempered with experience.

The spouse of a claimant with a young family died whilst a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle.

This occurred whilst walking home from a licenced premises.

The claimant was unable to secure legal representation until she approached Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers who agreed to act for her. All the relevant documents were amassed and examined. A mental reconstruction of events leading up to and then of the accident itself was made.

Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers solicitor determined that:

  1. The deceased was served alcohol at a licenced premises to the point where he was unable to make any decision let alone a rational decision.
  2. The police version of the accident was incorrect
  3. The driver at fault was late for work and in all likelihood speeding.
  4. The deceased was standing in the middle of a 6 lane arterial road when struck by the offending vehicle.

The reconstruction of the accident was meticulous and pedantic. It had to be extract the facts from many hundred pages of writing. Without common sense and experience this could never have been done.

The licenced premises cried foul relying on the decision of a higher court. It was suggested that they should read judgements of courts before referring to them.

The insurer of the offending motor vehicle could not deny the fact that the deceased did not walk into the path of the offending vehicle from bushes adjacent to the road which obscured the drivers view but that the deceased was in the middle of the road when struck by the offending driver.

This is the service that Gerard Malouf and Partners compensation Lawyers provide to all its client’s.  Our solicitors have the experience and time to expose the truth.

This widow’s claim was settled for the correct amount at law; all of the work to bring her claim to successful fruition having been undertaken by one of employed solicitors independent of any assistance.

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