South Western Sydney teen received $50,000 in compensation following failure to treat by General Practitioner

PUBLISHED 20 Mar 2017

This matter involved a teenager from South Western Sydney who was burnt with hot coffee at the age of six when her mother accidentally left a pot on a low table. Her mother subsequently rushed her to her general practitioner for advise and treatment.

Once at the GP’s premises no first aid was undertaken, instead the wound was dressed and cream was applied. This immediate treatment was inadequate and shortly afterwards this young girl was in extreme pain. She was taken by her parents to Westmead Hospital for further treatment.

Following her discharge, her family were advised that the window for treatment was in the immediate moments following the burn, in her time with the GP. Despite the hospitals best efforts they advised that she may still suffer ongoing injuries.

In the month following this young girl’s mother was advised that her arm would be fine and over time any scarring would heal by her GP. This unfortunately was not the case. After a further 12 years of healing and waiting, the Plaintiff was left with severe scarring occasioning embarrassment and ongoing psychiatric injury.

Not knowing what to do, the Plaintiff approached Gerard Malouf and Partners where, during her free consultation, she discussed her case and the advise she had always received from her GP. Mr Leslie  Abboud took carriage of the file. Mr Abboud is an expert in dermatological injury cases and quickly identified that although this case would not be particularly large, that the Plaintiff general practitioner in failing to appropriately provide emergency treatment had failed to prevent permanent scarring and thus ongoing psychiatric injury.

In order to prove this however, Mr Abboud required proof that it was more probable than not that the injuries this young girl suffered from would not have occurred had appropriate treatment been provided. In order to do this, he briefed an expert dermatologist and plastic surgeon as well as a general practitioner.

In obtaining this evidence it was shown that although her GP did not cause her burns, he did cause a worse outcome by failing to provide routine treatment. Armed with this expert evidence, as well as evidence as to psychiatric damage Leslie Abboud sought to arrange a mediation.

By progressively pursuing this matter and understanding the urgency at which to act but the necessity for quality medical evidence, Mr Abboud and his specialist medical negligence team as well as an expert Barrister sought to negotiate with the Defendant a mediation and settled this matter for the benefit of our client. Ultimately this matter settled at mediation for $50,000.00.

Our client was very satisfied with these results and thankful for the efforts of her solicitor and his firm in taking on her matter and finally providing some sort of closure for a problem that had persisted for over 12 years.

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