PUBLISHED 03 Jul 2013

Our 74-year old elderly client was shopping in a shopping centre when she slipped on water near the entrance to a store she was wanting to visit.

Medical issues

Our client fractured her right knee and had torn ligaments as a result of the fall. She had previously been an avid walker who walked every day and carried out 30 hours of volunteer work.

As a result of her injury, our client was restricted to walking on a walking frame and could no longer carry out her volunteer work.

Our client’s specialist wanted her to have a knee replacement but, due to a heart condition, our client was unable to have the operation.

Court proceedings

We commenced Court proceedings against the shopping centre and claimed negligence for failing to keep the area clear of any spilt liquids and failing to maintain and implement a proper system of cleaning.

The Defendant denied negligence and claimed our client was responsible for her own injuries as she did not take any care for her own safety, failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to observe and take note of an obvious risk.


We were able to settle the matter at an Informal Settlement Conference for $50,000. Our client was absolutely ecstatic about the result.

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