Single Mother wins $177,500 in compensation against supermarket giant for injuries resulting from a 3 wheeled trolley

PUBLISHED 17 Feb 2018

Our client instructed us to assist her with a claim for personal injury against a well-known supermarket giant as a result of injuries sustained from a 3 wheeled trolley falling on top of her.

Our client was shopping at the supermarket when, as a result of one of the wheels missing from the trolley, the trolley tipped and caused her to lose her balance and fall, with the trolley falling on top of her.

As a result of the incident our client suffered significant aggravation to pre-existing degeneration in her knees, which are now likely to require total knee replacement in the near future.

These injuries caused our client to lose income and cease working. This loss of working capacity caused considerable financial difficulty as a single mother with two young children. On top of that, our client, who was previously fit and exercised regularly, could no longer exercise and gained 60 kilograms in weight. As a consequence of that weight gain she underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

Gerard Malouf & Partners commenced proceedings against the supermarket giant who cross-claimed (blamed and sued) the contracted trolley company for the incident. The contracted trolley company had in fact contracted the work out to another trolley company and so they cross-claimed against that trolley company. As a result, negotiations became extremely difficult because the defendants were blaming one another for the incident, as well as blaming our client who failed to notice that the trolley only had three wheels.

Following a failed settlement conference, Gerard Malouf & Partners served an offer of compromise. We stood our ground and were confident that our client’s injuries were serious and warranted significant compensation.

As a result of standing our ground and holding out for the best result the Defendants came to the party and agreed to settle the case for $177,500. This was an excellent result for our client.

Our client was ecstatic with the result and also relieved that she would receive her settlement monies before Christmas and that she would not have to go to Court.

The solicitors at Gerard Malouf & Partners will ALWAYS stand our ground and hold firm to get our clients the best results in their claims.

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