PUBLISHED 15 Jul 2011
The simple answer to this question is No. Often Insurance companies are willing to try and put an offer to entice the injured person to accept and forgoing any future rights that they may have. The injured person may also need to sign a Deed which would prohibit them after getting Legal advice realising that they have not obtain the appropriate amount which they could be entitled to should they have seen by a Solicitor.
Solicitor has a detailed knowledge of the law and understands the various heads of Damages which they could claim. It is important to consult a Solicitor due to the fact that their knowledge and expertise in building up a claim can make a significant difference. Often the Insurer’s do not advise them of their potential rights under the various 7 heads of damage which could be claimable including non – economic loss, past out of pocket expenses, future out of pocket expenses (Treatment Expenses), past care and future care, past and future economic loss.
On various occasions Insurer’s try and shorten the claim by offering this lump sum at an early stage prior to the client or the injured person knowing the full extent of the injuries and often a further aggravation can cause significant problems.
On numerous occasions clients have come to me with various small offers from the Insurer and we have been successful in obtaining a significantly higher result.

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