Seventy eight year old male paid out significant compensation for asbestos exposure over a period of forty years

PUBLISHED 14 Oct 2013

We recently represented a seventy eight year old male who migrated from Ireland to Australia in early 1970’s and was recently diagnosed with asbestos related pleural disease, a condition caused by light to medium exposure to asbestos dust and fibre.

Our client was exposed to asbestos dust over the period between 1950 and 1987, whilst employed by different companies as a concretor/steel fixer.

After significant investigations were carried out by us, we found the insurers responsible for our client’s employers at the time of his exposure to asbestos dust and fibre.

We then carried out extensive searches to find evidence in support of the fact that those companies used asbestos cement building materials in their work.

We completed the case, obtaining medical evidence which linked our client’s asbestos related pleural disease with each of his exposures during the period between 1950 and 1987.

Despite suffering a relatively low level of impairment (10% Whole Person Impairment) we were successful in resolving his claim with a significant pay out to our client which will allow him and his wife to enjoy their future together and, perhaps, visit Ireland a few more times.

The case was argued by our legal team against over a dozen legal representatives for each and every employer our client had during his forty years of exposure, who were responsible for the asbestos disease.

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