Seven babies who have died in a Victorian regional hospital may have been avoidable

PUBLISHED 08 Dec 2015

In an article published on 17 October 2015, in the ABC news looks at a review of ten (10) stillbirths and newborn deaths at Bacchus Marsh & Melton Regional Hospital in 2013 & 2014 found that seven (7) of the deaths may have been avoidable.  

Health Minister, Jill Hennessy said “what has happened here has been a series of catastrophic failures by a number of parties that may have contributed to the very sad loss of young life”.  She continues to say that the Department knew about the investigation in 2013 but failed to ensure Maternity services improved.  

The review led by Professor Wallace found that the neonatal mortality rate at the hospital was significantly higher than the State average.  He identified miss use or misrepresentation of foetal heart rate monitors by staff who were inadequately skilled and also found that there was a lack of high quality staff education.  The ABC news reports that Djerriwarrh Health Services said that it has taken significant steps to address the factors that might have contributed to the stillbirths and newborn deaths.  

Our firm has been approached in similar matters where parents have lost their child as a result of a hospitals negligence.  They often approach our firm in a state of distress not knowing who to turn too or what services are open to them in order to assist them through the grieving process.  In the past, we have taken on similar matters with no upfront costs.  The steps are simple, we obtain the relevant medical file from the hospital, request an expert opinion as to what went wrong and arrange for the parents to be examined by one of our psychiatrists to assess the impact the loss has had on their activities of daily living.  The law in Australia allows parents to be compensated for the psychiatric injuries they have sustained as a result of losing their child.  The claim can also be made for wages loss if either parent has taken time off work. The claim may include an inability to carry out everyday tasks such as, driving, cleaning and house duties.  Once the evidence is obtained we will vigorously fight the insurance companies to seek compensation that they deserve as a result of the psychological impact the loss has had on their life.  

Our firm and our specialised barristers are able to get the results for our clients due to the access we have to our panel of specialists who provide reports based on practice and research which are factual and cannot be overturned.   We are also able to run these matter on a ‘no win/no fee’ arrangement to give our clients peace of mind without the added financial pressure.

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