Rural NSW woman receives $250,000 in damages after suffering fall while getting lunch at local pub

PUBLISHED 15 Sep 2017

This matter involved a woman who went to her local pub with her partner for a Sunday lunch. After eating lunch, she left the dining room and stepped outside into the beer garden. As she was walking through the beer garden, she slipped on some jelly-like material and fell, landing heavily on her ankle. As a result of this slip and fall she sustained a serious fracture of her left ankle.

She was transported by ambulance to hospital where she underwent open reduction internal fixation surgery and had screws inserted into her ankle. She had a lengthy recovery period from this surgery and unfortunately these injuries impacted her life significantly.

Our client was a qualified enrolled nurse and prior to the subject accident was actively seeking employment. As a result of this fall, she was forced to stop looking for work in this field as her injuries prevented her from standing for extended periods and therefore she was unable to fulfil the required duties of this position.

Unable to work and continuing to suffer as a result of these injuries, she contacted Gerard Malouf and  Partners to enquire about making a personal injury claim for compensation. After gaining an understanding the circumstances of the accident and subsequent impact on this woman’s life, Richele Nelsen, one of our experienced compensation lawyers, was of the view that the claim had merit and we proceeded to act on her behalf.

Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers then began to gather evidence from our client’s treating doctors and had her assessed by an expert orthopaedic surgeon to determine the extent of her injuries and provide a report on the impact these injuries had on her life.

In an effort to keep costs down for our client, Ms Nelsen arranged a settlement conference with the defendant prior to the matter proceeding to hearing. At this settlement conference, the parties engaged in lengthy negotiations and with the help of a senior barrister, Ms Nelsen fought vigorously to ensure that we obtained the best possible outcome for our client. Ultimately, we were able to secure a figure of $250,000 for our client to compensate her for the injuries and ongoing implications of her unfortunate slip and fall accident. Our client was very happy that such an outcome could be achieved without the need for a Court Hearing.

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