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Police Offices in Highest Risk Category of PTSD

It is clear from the number of enquiries we receive and the article depicted that Police Officers are in one of the highest risk categories with regards to suffering from on the job post traumatic stress.

Police officers encounter a wide range of horrific catastrophes during the course of their investigations and their day to day work.

We as a community have empowered them to protect us and as such when they are at their most vulnerable they require our protection also.

It is clear that the number of police officers that are being indirectly victimised by not having their claims processed quickly is increasing.

The insurance companies are dragging the chain.

In a lot of instances the Police officers have been medically discharged and therefore are entitled to receive significant amounts under the total and permanent disability component of their Superannuation Policies.

Being medically discharged from your duties means for a lot of police officers they are not fit to carry on any other work by virtue of their qualifications and/or training.

The majority of the police officers that are effected have only known policing as their occupation.

Under the definitions of the relevant policies relating to total and permanent disability, they are entitled to and have not been receiving the hundreds of thousands of dollars of compensation.

This is a travesty of justice as we as a community need to protect those police officers who have given many years of loyal service protecting the community.

They are now in need and insurance companies should be implementing a “fast track” process of resolving these claims. This is clearly not occurring.

It is in fact this process that Gerard Malouf & Partners are wishing to have dealt with.

Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers operates on the basis that all claims are dealt with in accordance with our “fast track” policy and as such we take objection to claims being dragged out.

Unfortunately, the cries of the police officers and their Association in having these Superannuation insurance companies and their trustees deal with the matters promptly are falling on deaf ears.

Should you require assistance in such a claim please do not hesitate to immediately contact Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers.

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