Penrith woman receives compensation payout after suffering injury in a supermarket

PUBLISHED 22 Feb 2017

A Penrith woman has received a payout after suffering an injury in a supermarket. Our client attended the premises for the purposes of doing her shopping. Whilst walking past the freezer section of the supermarket, our client slipped on a liquid, causing her to fall heavily to the floor and to sustain an injury. In particular, our client sustained significant injury to her hip and was required to spend two weeks in hospital as a result of the fall. Our client was 75 years of age at the time of the fall.

This lady attended upon the expert public liability lawyers of Gerard Malouf and Partners. Our expert compensation solicitors recognised there was a claim for negligence and commenced the claim for her immediately. During the initial free consultation, the claim was discussed generally. Our expert solicitors notified our client of the strict time limits that apply with respect to these matters, and gave advice generally as to what could be claimed. Given the age and retirement status of our client, a claim for economic loss was not possible, and therefore the following were claimable:

  1. Pain and suffering;
  2. Past gratuitous care and assistance;
  3. Future paid care and assistance;
  4. Past out of pocket expenses;
  5. Future out of pocket expenses.

Following the initial consultations for this slip and fall injury, our expert public liability lawyer commenced their investigations. This started with a letter of demand to the supermarket, putting them on notice of pending legal action and requesting information such as incident reports, witness statements and CCTV footage.

Whilst this was being attended to, our compensation lawyer was also in the process of having our client assessed for her injuries. Our expert doctors comment on the impairment of the injury, along with the affect it has on our clients abilities to perform domestic duties and future treatment recommendations.

Once all the evidence was obtained, an Informal Settlement Conference was arranged with the Defendant prior to filing the matter in court. This made for a good chance to settle the claim before commencing legal action, which also assisted in keeping the costs of the claim down.

On the day, our accredited personal injury specialist attended with our client and negotiated a settlement amount. Our client was happy to accept an offer of $130,000.00 noting that it reduced the costs and risks of going to court.

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