Penrith woman receives $90,000 compensation following botched reconstructive plastic surgery

PUBLISHED 26 Aug 2016

Our client, a young woman from the Penrith, was compensated after becoming a victim of negligence at the hands of a major Sydney hospital’s plastic surgery department. Our client was a victim of a violent assault where a glass bottle was used as a weapon. She suffered severe blunt force trauma and lacerations to her face including her left cheek, nose and eye.

She attended a local hospital and was referred to a plastic surgery department of a major Sydney hospital. She was reviewed and advised that there was no major nerve or tendon damage to her face. She was stitched, provided with antibiotics and discharged.

After 15 days she returned to hospital and was provided with a surgery to repair a facial fracture. The surgery was unsuccessful and further attempts were made the following day. After the surgery was completed it was apparent that she did not have the appropriate or desired repair. Consequently further surgeries were organised. Our client underwent approximately six surgeries to resolve mistakes or failed surgeries. The repeat surgeries accompanied with the lacerations and trauma suffered resulted in permanent nerve and tendon damage to her face.

After months of repeat surgeries and no meaningful results she contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners to investigate whether the treatment she had been provided was acceptable. She consulted with Leslie Abboud, a senior solicitor with over 30 years of experience in medical negligence matters. Mr Abboud, upon hearing this recount immediately identified that something was not right and agreed to investigate her matter for her.

Mr Abboud immediately briefed an expert barrister in this matter and obtained medical expert reports to firstly confirm, by an expert plastic surgeon that this patient should have been thoroughly assessed upon her first consultation and then thoroughly operated on once to ensure the best result. Additionally, an important aspect in this case was to determine the psychological damage to a young woman following a degree of facial numbness and disfigurement. Following the receipt of these reports and the commencement of proceedings, it became clear that given the impact of the assault, despite the presence of the negligence of the hospital, it would be necessary to sit down with the defendant and negotiate a settlement.

Consequently, negotiations were entered into in order to ensure the quick delivery of justice to our client. Without having to incur costs in proceeding to a court hearing or have to be subject to unnecessary delays, Leslie Abboud was able to settle this matter at an early stage and obtain significant compensation for our client.  Our client was extremely grateful for the settlement and was excited to finally obtain counselling, corrective treatment and begin to move on with her life and find her confidence once more.

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