Penrith Woman Claims Against Medical Specialist for Inappropriate Behaviour

PUBLISHED 31 Oct 2016

A medical practitioner’s duty of care lies just as much in their ethics and behaviour as it does their provision of medical treatment.  This is especially the case for vulnerable patients who are in a position of trust.

Our client suffered a debilitating illness known as Lupus, an overreaction of the bodies’ immune system causing rashes, joint pain and seizures.  In March 2011 our client approached a Specialist for management of her condition.

Over time, the Specialist’s behaviour became more increasingly inappropriate, contacting her on her private mobile, telling her that he loved her, asking to meet her on weekends in public and placing his hand on her thigh.  Our client, relying on the specialist for her ongoing care, was not in a position to reject his advances, and continued to ignore his behaviour in order to receive ongoing treatment for her illness.

In 2013, our client’s husband discovered the specialist’s messages, believing them to be having an affair and placing incredible strain on their marriage.  After the reality of the situation came out, our client was able to find another specialist and her husband encouraged her to see Gerard Malouf & Partners.

Our client approached us seeking compensation for the emotional trauma and psychological injury inflicted on her as a result of the specialist’s inappropriate behaviour.  Her case was taken on by Ms Christine Beshay, Accredited Medical Negligence Specialist, who arranged an expert report with a psychiatrist and filed our client’s claim in the District Court.

Respecting our client’s instructions to avoid the risk and stress of a trial, Ms Beshay settled our client’s matter at mediation for $70,000.  Whilst this would not undo the trauma that our client had experienced it would allow the client to move on with her life and pay for her further psychological treatment.

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