Passenger injured in NSW motor vehicle accident receives $260,000 in compensation

PUBLISHED 20 Sep 2017

A man from the Mid North Coast of New South Wales received $260,000 by way of compensation for the injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle where the driver of that vehicle lost control. As a result, our client sustained several injuries including Injuries to his cervical spine, left shoulder, nose, left thigh, head and facial fractures. He was also suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of this accident.

He consulted the expert solicitors at Gerard Malouf & Partners and a claim was lodged with the CTP insurer of the driver.

The CTP insurer admitted liability and fault for the accident. This meant that his claim did not need to be heard in Court and argued before a Judge but rather could be dealt with more informally through the Claims Assessment Resolution Service (CARS).

Prior to the accident our client was attempting to re-enter the workforce and had recently commenced employment. He was unable to work after the accident however and his income and daily living was being effected.

We acted in accordance with our ‘’No Win No Fee’’ policy and requested reports and clinical notes from our client’s treating doctors. We also arranged independent assessments of our client by a medicolegal specialist doctor to assess his whole person impairment at no up-front cost to him.

After collating all relevant medical evidence and significant preparation in his case, a settlement conference was arranged in an attempt to settle his claim before lodging it with CARS.

The insurer argued that our client was not entitled to much compensation for loss of income given that he had only just commenced working prior to the accident.

Our experience in these matters meant that we were able to effectively argue in favour of our client and obtain a substantial settlement sum for his injuries. Our client was awarded damages for the following:

  • Past and future loss of income;
  • Past and future medical expenses; and
  • Past and future domestic assistance.

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