Parramatta woman awarded over $50,000 car injury compensation after insurer threatens to close file

PUBLISHED 08 Sep 2017

A Parramatta woman has been awarded over $50,000.00 following a motor vehicle accident. Our client was driving her vehicle whereby the driver at fault has failed to adhere to a give way sign, colliding with the side of our client’s vehicle.

This client attended upon the motor vehicle accidents specialists of Gerard Malouf and Partners when the claim was quite advanced. The insurer had offered her an amount of less than $5,000.00 with a view of closing her file.

The client initially contacted our personally injury claims specialists for some general advice on whether this was a good amount of money. During the initial conference, it was determined made that the claim was worth a far greater amount of money than that being offered by the insurer, and accordingly this client was happy to proceed with using specialist solicitors for her motor vehicle accident claim.

Our client’s injuries were orthopaedic in nature, and given the time that had lapsed since the date of accident appointments were booked in with one of our medical experts. Further to this, during the initial conference a detailed statement was taken so our client’s personal injury lawyer had a detailed history of the claim.

The offer from the insurer was one which incorporated our clients past out of pocket expenses, along with a minor amount for our client’s future medical treatment expenses.

Following our medical evidence, it became clear that the amount being offered for future treatment expenses was insufficient, and that there ought to be a claim included for future economic loss and future care and assistance.

Within four months of attending upon her motor vehicle accident’s specialist, we had gathered enough evidence to determine the value of the claim was far greater than that being offered by the insurer, and we invited the insurer to negotiate a settlement of the claim informally.

On the date of the settlement conference, our client attended upon our offices so as to provide us with running instructions throughout the negotiation process. On the day, her claim settled for over $50,000.00, a significant amount greater than the meagre $5,000.00 being offered by the insurer prior to our client attending upon our offices.

After considering accepting the $5,000.00, our client was delighted with the result which saw her walk away with an amount of money significantly greater. Equally pleasing to this client was that the claim was able to be finalised within 6 months of her attendance at our offices.

If you or anybody you know has had a motor vehicle accident and has been offered an amount to finalise the claim, please do not hesitate to contact the solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation as your claim is potentially worth a greater amount than that being offered.

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