Parramatta resident receives $35,000.00 in compensation as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident

PUBLISHED 14 Aug 2018

The Claimant was a 31 year old male who was a passenger of vehicle was attempting to turn off the Hume Highway into Cosgrove Road. As the vehicle turned into Cosgrove Road it came to a stop behind a band of traffic. The vehicle behind our client’s vehicle has failed to stop and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle at speed. As a result our client sustained whiplash injuries to her neck and back.

The insurance company admitted liability and started paying for the Claimant’s treatment. The claimant had extensive physiotherapy and numerous radiological scans to assess the damage done to his body. As a result of the injuries sustained, the claimant was unable to return to work in his role for a period of time and required a number of days off work to obtain treatment for his injuries.

As a result of the injuries sustained the Claimant required assistance to attend to the domestic duties around the home including cooking cleaning and gardening. This applied for a 6 month period allowing the Clamant to claim damages for this aspect of the claim.

As soon as the claimants treating doctors informed the claimant that she had stabilised, Mr Hairs organised medical appointments with medico legal experts who were able to justify the ongoing expenses that the claimant would continue to occur.

At the same time, Mr Hairs organised the claimant to see government doctors to assess her whole person impairment and determine whether or not she would be entitled to damages for her pain and suffering. 

Within 3 months, these medical reports had been obtained and further evidence to support the claimants claim for her future loss of income as a result of losing her job had also been obtained.

Mr Hairs drafted submissions and invited the insurance company to participate in an informal settlement conference. This Homebush Bay claim was settled that day for $35,000.00 inclusive of legal costs and prepayments made by the CTP insurer.

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