Parramatta man receives $80,000.00 after slipping on ice cream at a supermarket

PUBLISHED 06 Sep 2017

A Parramatta man has slipped on ice cream in a supermarket and has received $80,000.00 by way of compensation for his injuries. Whilst walking near the freezer section, there was some melted ice cream on the floor. Our client did not see the melted liquid and has inadvertently slipped, causing him to fall heavily and sustain injury.

At the time of the accident our client was having time off work for an unrelated incident. He lived alone and had difficulty performing domestic duties by himself. Our client incurred medical expenses as a result of the injuries sustained.

This man attended upon the expert public liability lawyers of Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation. During this consultation, our compensation lawyer discussed the claim generally with the client, on a no obligation basis. After taking a detailed history of the claim, the no win no fee structure was discussed and our client was happy for our firm to commence acting on his behalf.

Following the initial conference with our compensation lawyer, we commenced our investigation of the claim. This included serving a Letter of Demand on the supermarket and requesting documentation and CCTV footage to assist with the liability component of the claim. After viewing the documentation, it was determined that there was a claim to be made and accordingly pleadings were filed in the District Court of NSW, approximately 6 months after the date of accident.

After the finalisation of our investigations, the expert public liability lawyer was satisfied that the supermarket could be held accountable for the incident occurring. Our accredited personal injury specialist began focusing on the damages, being the value of the claim. A lump sum claim is made in personal injury claim combining the following heads of damages:

  1. Pain and Suffering (otherwise known as General Damages);
  2. Past Economic Loss;
  3. Future Economic Loss;
  4. Past Care and Assistance;
  5. Future Care and Assistance;
  6. Past Out of Pocket Expenses;
  7. Future Out of Pocket Expenses.

Once these investigations had finalised we invited the Defendant to have an Informal Settlement Conference. This took place at the offices of Gerard Malouf and Partners. We always encourage our clients to attend these negotiations personally and to participate in them. Before the commencement of the negotiations, our slip and falls claims specialist advised our client of the value of the claim. After hours of negotiation, the Defendant put on a final offer which was within the range of figures advised by our solicitor, and our client was happy to settle the claim on the day.

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