Parramatta Family Receives Compensation for Hospitals Failure to Investigate Leading to Death

PUBLISHED 24 May 2018

This matter concerns the untimely death of a 52 year old father of 4. He died of exsanguination, which is the severe loss of blood, due to upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage.

The deceased was vomiting blood in May 2012 and was taken by Ambulance to a major Sydney Hospital Emergency Department. He was triaged at 06:39 hours, remained on observation and was then discharged at approximately 18:30 hours and advised to return if he became unwell. The deceased returned and was witnessed by others to have significant ongoing gastrointestinal pain. It would appear after being in a foetal position in his room for a number of hours he was ultimately found to be dead the next day.

The family of the deceased, upon learning of the death of the deceased, suffered severe mental injuries and nervous shock.

The horrific events lead to the deceased’s children approaching Mr Leslie Abboud of our office. After consulting with the deceased’s children, he quickly hypothesized that the deceased should have been admitted to the Hospital for further investigation and treatment for gastrointestinal bleeding (which was reasonable presenting diagnosis).

This could, and unfortunately in this instance, did, have significant consequences in regards to morbidity and mortality if untreated. Mr Abboud and his team of specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers quickly sought the opinion of an expert emergency specialist who confirmed his findings and suggested that the hospital emergency department was negligent in that regard. Mr Abboud took the matter on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, which meant that Gerard Malouf & Partners would not seek any contribution from the family unless a successful settlement was reached. This was a crucial factor in our clients’ satisfaction and made them feel at ease throughout the entire process.

To address the psychological issues of the family of the deceased, Mr Abboud organised for them to be seen by an expert clinical psychologist. The Psychologist provided the diagnosis as to their mental state and also provided an amount required for future psychological treatment for loss and damages suffered by our clients. All the up-front fees were paid for by our firm.

Upon receipt of this evidence, Mr Abboud and his team quickly negotiated and settled upon an order outside of court for the hospital to compensate our clients due to the hospitals negligence. Each of the family members received $75,000 as compensation and were happy with the result.

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