Parents Receive $225,000 in Compensation Following Death of Child in Childbirth

PUBLISHED 18 Jul 2018

This tragic case concerned a heavily pregnant mother who noticed that her child was not moving. She was transferred to the defendant hospital as an emergency precaution and was noted to be a high-priority C-section case. For some inexplicable reason, the defendant hospital were significantly late in providing our client with a C-section and as a result our client suffered from sepsis, and her child was born with significant sepsis and pneumonia, passing away later in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Our clients approached Gerard Malouf & Partners seeking justice for what had happened to their child and to their lives. Both parents were understandably severely shaken and were suffering from a range of mental health issues as a result of what they had been through. Leslie Abboud, one of our senior medical negligence solicitors with over 30 years of experience, quickly took the case on and got to work. Leslie and his team worked tirelessly to ensure that the best possible result was achieved for our clients.

Leslie briefed an expert obstetrician & gynaecologist who composed a damning report confirming the negligence that the hospital had displayed and how it had impacted on our clients. It was clear that the delay in treatment was inexcusable and that our client, as well as her baby, would have had a much better result if it was administered earlier. Both clients were referred to an expert psychiatrist who drafted reports outlining how both clients had been affected by this terrible incident.

Upon gathering all the necessary evidence, Leslie Abboud organised for a mediation to occur with the defendant. With the assistance of an expert barrister, a long mediation was carried out. With Leslie’s know-how and negotiation expertise, an excellent result was achieved for our clients, with the father receiving $65,500 and the mother receiving $160,000 to help them get their lives back on track and pay for their future treatment expenses.

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