Over $250,000 awarded to a midwife with a serious work back injury

PUBLISHED 08 Dec 2016

Our client was awarded over $250,000.00 for a back injury she sustained during the course of her employment as a midwife employed by NSW Health.

Due to the nature and conditions of her employment, our client was exposed to over and extensive number of years as a midwife in the public health system, she sustained a significant injury to her lumbar spine.

As a result of developing a serious spinal condition, she was required to have a spinal fusion surgery to her lower back.

Since this surgery, our client was left with a severe level of pain, discomfit and restricted ability to work.

The workers compensation insurer accepted her claim for weekly compensation payments and medical expense, and agreed to pay for the spinal fusion surgery.

Shortly after the surgery the insurer ceased weekly compensation payments.

Following her payments being ceased, she contacted Solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation. Upon discussion with the solicitor from Gerard Malouf and partners, our client quickly realised that she had ongoing entitlements to weekly compensation benefits and medical expenses through the NSW workers compensation scheme.

A claim was then brought for permanent impairment lump sum compensation as a result of this serious injury she sustained at work. She was assessed by an Approved Medical Specialist of the Workers Compensation Commission and awarded 24% whole person Impairment for her injuries which entitled her to lump sum compensation payment of over $40,000.00.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we work on a no win no fee basis for our work injury damages claims. Should you be unsuccessful we do not charge any fees to you at all.

Given the seriousness of our client’s spinal injury and the failure on the employer’s in failing to prevent this injury from occurring, a Common Law Work Injury Damages claim for negligence was commenced.

The solicitors of Gerard Malouf and Partners sought the assistance of an expert barrister in pursuing a claim for negligence. The claim for negligence initiated and listed for a mandatory Mediation. In these circumstances the matter was able to be resolved at a Mediation without the need for incurring further costs associated in the court proceeding process.

Our client received a very satisfying amount of compensation for her injuries.

The solicitors from Gerard Malouf and partners, with the assistance of expert barristers, were able to successfully negotiate a favourable settlement for our client.

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