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Oberon school boy received compensation for negligent hospital treatment of a knee laceration

The Plaintiff was a 10 year old school boy, when he suffered a very nasty injury to his knee when he fell onto contaminated iron sheet whilst playing in his yard. The laceration to his knee was deep and very painful.

The Plaintiff was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Department at Oberon Hospital for treatment. His Mother went with him to support him. When he arrived at the Hospital the knee wound was examined by an attending doctor in the Emergency Department. The doctor considered that the wound was clean and considered that it should be sutured. He proceeded to do that but did not washout the wound first. The Plaintiff was sent home into his Mother’s care. He was not prescribed any antibiotics.

However the injury was deeper and more contaminated than the treating doctor at Oberon Hospital realised and because the extent of the injury was not diagnosed properly the wound was not able to be properly assessed and cleaned.

At home the wound became hot and inflamed and the Plaintiff was taken to a General Practitioner by his parents for further treatment before being admitted to Bathurst Hospital where he required a surgical washout of the wound and intravenous antibiotics. The Plaintiff needed two further wound washouts several days later before there was some improvement in his condition.

The infection gradually improved but the Plaintiff continued to have problems with pain and discomfort and restriction of movement. His mother sought legal advice about a compensation claim because she was concerned about the Plaintiff’s future if he was to continue to have difficulties with his leg. She was concerned as to what the future may hold for her son given he was still very young.

The Plaintiff’s mother contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers for advice because she was concerned for her son’s future wellbeing if his leg injury continued to be a problem. Upon being instructed by the Plaintiffs mother the clinical records from the Oberon and Bathurst Hospitals were obtained so that an expert medical opinion could be obtained to support the claim of negligence.

As a result of the diligence of GMP Compensation Lawyers in obtaining the appropriate supporting medical evidence to bring a claim for compensation this young man was able to pursue a rightful claim for compensation for the injuries he received.  As this young man is under 18 years of age the compensation award will be placed with the Public Trustee until he turns 18 years age and then he will then receive the compensation and be able to invest the money for any future treatment he may need.

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