NSW Hospitals Lack of Adequate Care

PUBLISHED 01 Sep 2008

In a recent internal report looking into deaths at Western Sydney Hospital the Report has revealed that more than half of the patients did not receive adequate care.

It is clear from the Report that poor standards of care was a significant contribution to almost half the deaths in the past two years.

Notwithstanding the high rate of deaths that have occurred in New South Wales hospitals, especially in the Western Sydney hospital, there is still a failure by the system to take adequate action to stem the tide.

From the recommendations made in this 2007 Report, 40% are still to be implemented and 20% were reported to have started late.

The investigations have clearly showed significant inadequacies predominantly at Westmead Hospital and also significant numbers of suicide in mental health patients after they had left hospital.

The full story was reported recently in the Sydney Morning Herald where the article reported hospitals blamed for a series of deaths.

The SMH article can be read here.

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