North-Eastern NSW Man receives $120,000 payout for late diagnosis by two prominent Hospitals

PUBLISHED 16 Jun 2017

A Northern NSW man was left with significant pain and ongoing nerve damages in his right leg as a result of the failure of two Hospitals to diagnose and treat a case of shingles. The delayed pick up of these symptoms cost our client dearly in terms of his ability to attend to his normal duties and accordingly warranted the $120,000 payout.

Our client presented at a NSW Hospital in mid-2014 suffering from pain in his right knee and hip. The Hospital was aware that our client had a long history of rheumatoid arthritis for which he was on medication. During his stay at this Hospital, he complained of a rash that was developing on his right leg. This was not properly investigated by the staff who failed to diagnose or treat it.

Approximately a week later, following discharge, our client attended on a Queensland Hospital complaining of pain in his right hip and persistent rash on his right leg. Despite this complaint, the staff of the Queensland Hospital failed to investigate the source of his rash for a further four days, in which time his condition worsened.

Our client was eventually seen by a Dermatologist who diagnosed him with shingles. However by this stage the client had suffered serious and permanent nerve damage to his right leg.

Mr Leslie Abboud, experienced medical negligence lawyer at Gerard Malouf and Partners initially received the enquiry and was immediately interested in investigating the source of this client’s ongoing right leg pain.

The medical negligence team led by Mr Abboud was able to obtain medical evidence that supported the finding of negligence on the part of the Hospitals in delaying in diagnosis and treatment of the client’s presenting shingles. The experts briefed supported the view that had the shingles been diagnosed and treated earlier, it is likely that our client would not be suffering from his continuing right leg nerve pain. With a supportive report from a medical expert, Mr Abboud was able to obtain further evidence as to the psychological, physical and day-to-day impact of the injury on our client’s life. This includes his ability to clean around the house, attend to gardening and operate his motor vehicle.

Mr Abboud was able to leverage this evidence and successfully obtain a settlement of $120,000 for the client. This compensation provided our client with financial support for his ongoing disabilities and assistance with his treatment.

Many people suffer from injuries and disabilities suffered as a result of negligence on the part of treating medical professionals. This includes the failure to diagnose and treat patients in a timely fashion. If you have suffered physical and/or mental harm as a result of misdiagnosis or similar act of medical negligence by a treating Doctor or medical professional, please call Gerard Malouf & Partners on 1800 004878 and ask to speak to one of our experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers. Time limits apply in Medical Negligence claims, so call Gerard Malouf & Partners today.

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