No slip & fall claim is too little or too difficult for our team of experienced compensation lawyers

PUBLISHED 10 Jun 2014

Gerard Malouf and Partners compensation lawyers recently represented an elderly lady who sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident that occurred at her neighbours house. Our client was leaving her neighbours premises, when she stepped on a mat with no rubber backing, consequently slipping and suffering serious injuries to her right leg.

Due to the accidence our client underwent various operations and treatment in hospital. Furthermore, she spent a pre-longed period of time in rehabilitation. As she was the main carer for her husband, who had significant medical issues of his own, she required substantial domestic assistance.

Upon approaching Gerard Malouf and Partners our client was quickly referred to Sasho Petrovski, an experienced and dedicated compensation lawyer. Mr Petrovski and his team promptly commenced addressing the clients slip & fall claim. Upon notifying the defendant, the defendant’s insurer disputed the claim based on factual ambiguity. Furthermore, the defendant’s ceased being the registered proprietor of the premises. Despite the difficulties posed by these factors, Mr Petrovski and his team pursued the case by ascertaining the correct proprietors, requesting expert reports and various clinical records.


In an effort to quickly, cheaply and justly address the issues, the defendant lawyers served an Offer of Compromise and an informal settlement conference was organised. The client received a substantial sum of $50,000.00 as compensation for her slip & fall injuries. The client was extremely pleased with the sum received and the professionalism of Mr Petrovski.


This case shows that if you think you have a claim, speak to Gerard Malouf and Partners. With our perseverance and passion for justice, no claim is too little or too difficult for our dedicated team of experienced compensation lawyers.

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