Newcastle truck driver received over $700,000 in injury compensation

PUBLISHED 03 Feb 2017

The Claimant, a 60 year old truck driver from Newcastle, was involved in an out of the ordinary traffic accident in 2013.  At the time of the accident the Claimant was driving a truck for work along the New England highway just outside of Scone NSW.

The accident occurred around Mid-night. The Claimant came upon a car which was facing the wrong way, on the wrong side of the road and without its head lights on. Given the speed at which the Claimant was traveling he was unable to stop, swerved to miss the car but was unsuccessful. The truck collided with the front corner of the car before ploughing through a fence and stopping in a field.

As a result of the truck accident the Claimant sustained injuries to entire spine and both hips. As a result of this accident the Claimant sustained serve psychological injuries in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder and Depression.

The Claimant started his claim with another legal firm. However by June 2016, some two and half years since the accident the Claimant noted that no progress had been made on his claim. The Claimant dissatisfied by the services of his previous solicitors contacted Mr Vrege (Reg) Kolokossian at Gerard Malouf and Partners.

Within one month of opening the file Reg’s team had moved quickly obtain a determination on the level of whole person impairment from the Medical Assessment Service. His injuries were assessed as being greater than 10% thus entitling the Claimant to damages for his pain and suffering.

The fast tract system adopted by Reg and the team at GMP ensured that the claim was not unnecessarily delayed. We proceeded to obtain a statement which was used to determine all the outstanding evidence which was required and we spoke with the workers compensation insurer to determine the amount of pay back which was due to them.

Once all the information had been obtained we contacted the insurer to arrange a settlement conference. Submissions were forwarded to the CTP insurer. A settlement conference was quickly organised and a settlement had been reached for the Claimant in record time.

We at Gerard Malouf & Partners where able to do within 4 months what the previous solicitor were unable to do in 2 and half years. The Claimant walked away over $700,000.00 and is still waiting on a total and permanent disability claim payout which is also being finalised by our firm.

If you or your family member have been injured, and are expecting a quick resolution to our claim, Gerard Malouf and Partners are able to ensure you are not disadvantaged and that you receive maximum compensation without unnecessary delay.

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