New Zealand Women Wins $60,000 Compensation for Hospital’s Failure to diagnose and Treat

PUBLISHED 11 Oct 2016

Our client was a lady from New Zealand who underwent root canal therapy (RCT) under a private dentist on 25 May 2009 and was therefore at an increased risk of infection, including endocarditic infection, as a result.

A few days later, our client was presented at a major hospital in Sydney with a diagnosis of rigours and pyrexia and a history of having suffered visual disturbance and general feelings of unwellness following the RCT. 

Our client was admitted and underwent a blood test. She was subsequently diagnosed with an endocarditic infection.

However, despite such blood test indicating an endocarditic infection, the hospital did not commence treatment, but advised her that the blood test was contaminated and unreliable, and disregarded to the test result.

The hospital then negligently failed to re-test the Plaintiff’s blood and failed to conduct further treatment and make any further diagnosis and the Plaintiff was then discharged.

Around a month later, the Plaintiff was admitted to another hospital with a diagnosis of serious infection/endocarditis and ultimately underwent surgery for replacement of a mitral heart valve. Our client was left continuing pain, scarring, 4 months out of work, stress, anxiety, a susceptibility to further cardiac injuries and psychological injuries.

Upon receiving the matter, Mr Abboud and his team quickly sought the opinion of highly regarded doctors and experts where it was shown that the hospital was in fact negligent in failing to provide a suitable intravenous antibiotic to treat our client. After this evidence, Mr Abboud provided the evidence to the hospital’s solicitors and arranged for mediation to take place.

Mr Abboud and his specialist medical negligence team, as well as an expert barrister, pursued the matter progressively and brought the matter for mediation. The matter eventually settled for around $60,000.00, and while we understand that money will not be truly able to compensate the pain and suffering she underwent, we hope this will assist with the moving on with her life, and we trust that this settlement will assist her in increasing her quality of life.

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