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Man receives $180,000 after surgeon performs negligent prostate operation leaving him without part of his kidney

This case involved a gentleman who had consulted a surgeon in relation to a two-month history of hematuria and was advised to consent to undergo a laser ablation of his prostate gland. In about June 2018, he underwent this prostate operation, during which he suffered an injury to surrounding structures, including his trigonal ureteric orifices and posterior bladder wall and eyes. This was as a direct result of negligence by the surgeon and also constituted a battery on the patient due to the surgery involving parts of the body outside the terms of consent signed prior to the procedure. The surgery left this gentleman suffering from a loss of bladder control, something which should not have been the result of the operation he consented to.

Subsequent operations were undertaken to rectify the situation, however, as a result of this initial operation, this man needed and will continue to need, stents and replacements in his ureter two to three times a year and he continues to suffer from bladder control issues.

Upon contacting Gerard Malouf & Partners, this gentleman was put in the safe hands of Ms. Jayne O’Sullivan, who is a medical negligence solicitor and an accredited specialist at the firm. Jayne’s skill and experience meant that our client would receive optimum justice for the horrible situation he has faced and the continuing pain and discomfort he has had to endure. He was assessed by experts in the field who agreed that there had been medical negligence, resulting in not only physical injuries and disabilities but a loss of quality of life and substantial psychological impacts. An occupational therapist report was also compiled to support our client’s need for assistance around the home as a result of the incident.

The matter ultimately proceeded to mediation and settled for $180,000. This result was well received by our client and his legal team, and we hope it will assist in financing his ongoing treatment, and medications. At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we strive to achieve the best outcome for all of our clients and we believe this result will ensure that this client receives all the necessary help he needs, to guarantee a happier and healthier future.

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