Motorbike collides with car in Western Sydney and receives compensation of over $400,000

PUBLISHED 26 Sep 2014

Our client was involved in a motorbike accident and wanted to be compensated for his loss. He wanted a firm that had experience in Motor Vehicle Accident claimst and he wanted a solicitor that would take his case seriously. For this reason, he chose Gerard Malouf & Partners. Our client’s file was allocated to Christine Beshay, one of our senior compensation lawyers who practices in Motor Vehicle Accident claims. Christine attended to obtaining all the relevant evidence by requesting the clinical notes of hospitals and doctors and arranging medico-legal appointments. The medico-legal reports would also enable us to ascertain the true extent of our client’s injuries.

By way of background, our client was driving his motorbike to visit a store. He was travelling on a suburban street and entered an intersection. A small car entered the intersection from his left, where there was a stop sign. The car stopped beyond the stop sign and our client applied his breaks to the motorbike so as to avoid any collision. He lost control and fell off the bike, onto the road with his bike on his right leg.

As a result of the incident, our client suffered injuries to his right shoulder, right elbow, right ankle and prolapsed L4/5 invertebral disc which required surgery. With regards to economic loss, our client could no longer attend to his job as manager at a hair salon. He returned to being a barber, working part time. The cumulation of our client’s chronic pain, inability to work and dependence on his family led to his depression and anxiety.

We completed a Personal Injury Claim Form which was served on the Insurance Company of the driver at fault. The Insurance Company, upon conducting their own investigations, denied liability.

We suggested that both parties attend an Informal Settlement Conference so as to avoid taking the matter to Court. At the Informal motorbike accident Settlement Conference, the Defendants did not bring up liability as an issue. Rather, they were prepared to settle the matter outside of Court. Despite the fact that the Whole Person Impairment was assessed to be less than 10%, we were still able to secure a satisfactory outcome for our client at the Informal Settlement Conference. Our client walked away with $407,500 and was extremely pleased with the result.

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